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Action steps

What to do if you suspect roof damage

If you suspect your home has sustained storm damage, be sure to have your roof inspected quickly to prevent further damage. A roof is a vital component to the construction of your home. Roofs provide shelter from all types of weather. It is important to insure that your roof maintains its integrity. If your roof has been exposed to severe weather, the roof and your safety could be compromised. Many homeowners do not realize that even small hail can compromise your roof's integrity.

Let an experienced roof inspector determine if your roof can be replaced at as little cost to you as possible.

Start with a Roof Analysis

  1. Call Logic Roofing to request a free roof inspection. If the necessary amount of damage is discovered, we will suggest that you…

  2. Contact your insurance agent and file a claim to have the damage adjusted. Logic Roofing will then meet the adjuster and work diligently to insure the claim is adjusted successfully — as we have done for thousands of your friends and neighbors.

  3. We will walk with you every step of the way —from analyzing claim forms to making your shingle choice—and set a date to replace your roof.

  4. No payment is due until your roof is complete, and you will have the satisfaction of a full final inspection and the knowledge that our workmanship is guaranteed for two years.

Request a no-commitment inspection today.



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